Susan Ritts is the author, chef, gardener, inventor and businesswoman behind Putting on the Ritts. In 2014, Susan found herself dissatisfied with marinade/salad dressing options. Having to choose between high sugar/fat/calorie products vs. chemically infused low-fat alternatives just didn’t sit right with her.

Recognizing a gap in the marketplace, Susan realized what she wanted was a clean, healthy, delicious, versatile product free of sodium or sugar that she could use on salads, as a marinade and as an olive oil. After months of recipe tinkering and a fair share of taste tests with family & friends, CGD (Crazy Good Dressing) was born!

Today, CGD is a kitchen staple in homes & restaurants across the country and can be purchased at select grocery stores, specialty retailers and online. The irony of Susan’s sodium-free CGD is that she is a self-proclaimed “salt freak.” So once her CGD Original and CGD Spicy products became a hit, Susan went back to the drawing board and developed a line of seasoned sea salts that she brought to market in 2020. Today, eight flavors—Spicy Habanero, Cilantro Lime, Lemon Lime, Jalapeño Lime, Dill, Basil, Chive and Curry—are sure to satisfy even the most discriminating of taste buds.

A firm believer that gourmet should be made easy, Susan has published two cookbooks—Cooking & Entertaining with Ease and Boat Food…and Drink!—focused on preparing delicious food and cocktails without the fuss. Recipes call for straightforward, readily available ingredients that are likely already in
your pantry or cupboard…no specialty grocery store run necessary.

Whether you are just getting started in the kitchen or are a full-blown foodie, follow us at @puttingontheritts on Instagram and Facebook to start planning your next meal or party!

My husband Chris and I currently live part time on a farm outside of the Twin Cities and part time on the water in Florida. While much of my time is spent working on CGD products and events, I also make time for my favorite activities - gardening, boating and photography. 

Be sure to follow me on Insta and Facebook as we will soon be adding videos to take you through the basics of creating easy, delicious meals; simple gardening tips and some Florida boating adventures.   



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