About Us

Susan Ritts - Founder and CEO of Putting on the Ritts, Inc.

Putting on the Ritts founder and CEO Susan Ritts is an acclaimed chef, author, gardner, inventor and businesswoman. Susan has always had a big interest in food – and cooking.

She is especially passionate about cooking, gardening and creating incredible healthy dishes to share with friends and family.

After college graduation, Susan worked briefly as a sales representative for a media company and then relocated to Knoxville, TN. Where she soon started a catering company called Salads, Etc., offering a lunch delivery service throughout the local metro market.

After relocating to a beautiful farm outside of Minneapolis, Putting on the Ritts was born. Her first retail product was CGD – Crazy good Dressing!  On her own she started approaching local grocery chains such as Kowalski’s and Lund’s & Byerly’s. She let them try her CGD seasoned olive oil and everyone said YES! CGD has now grown from being in XX number of stores in 2017 to over 160 today.

For follow on products, she is now developing additional flavors of her original CGD oil that are rolling out now.